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Welcome To Linger's Guide Service and Fishing Lodge!

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Trout Fishing On The World Famous  White and Norfork Rivers

My Speciality

Smallmouth Bass

Fisherman and Fisherwoman

Specialize In Artificial Bait Fishing

I specialize in artificial bait fishing for larger Brown Trout and Rainbows but sometimes the water conditions dictate we go to the bottom to catch the fish we want. If the fish will hit the artificial baits then the Rattlin Rogue,  Countdown Rapala, and White River Zig Jigs are the baits of choice. If we have to go to the bottom we bounce Power Baits, shad, worms, or crawdad tails along the bottom to catch our fish. Whatever it takes we can "Make it Happen" and show you a great day on the river!

Smallmouth Bass In The White River

We also have an increasing number of Smallmouth Bass in the White River. If the water level is appropriate you can do a combination trip where we switch back and forth from one species to the other during the day depending on where we are on the river. The Smallmouth are usually caught on Tube Baits or Spinnerbaits. In lower water conditions the Countdown Rapalas work very well. Normally a person can count on 25 to 30 Trout and 20 plus Smallmouth during the day. Many days the numbers go even higher.


I supply all the baits we may use but feel free to to bring along your favorite lure as it may just prove to be the lure that tricks the big one.

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Fly Fishermen And Fisherwomen Welcome!


  We fish the same areas with fly fishermen as we do other customers. A 4 to 5 wt. rod offers great sport and the good producing patterns are the EGG pattern, pink, green, or white 80th of 100th ounce jigs. Wooley Buggers, Streamers, Clausers, in your favorite shad patterns work well with a 6 wt. rod and sinking line. With a host of line class records from this area combined with the world record Brown Trout being caught here some years back, this area is a fly fisherman's dream. UNLIKE OTHER GUIDE SERVICES WE DO NOT CHARGE EXTRA FOR FLY FISHERMEN! We can accommodate any type trip you may have in mind. Just give me a call and we can discuss the details and customize a trip to suit you.


  • Mark Booker

    I have been coming to Lingers for close to 9 years at least two times a year and consider him a good friend. What Linger has to offer is one of a kind, from the lodgings to the fishing... it is a true experience.  No matter who I take, a business associate or a friend, Linger always finds a way to make his guests feel comfortable and at home.

    Trout fishing on the White and Norfolk Rivers is one of the best kept secrets in the united states.  I have been on guided trout fishing trips where catching 6-8 trout in a day is a good day . . .  not here.  I have had days with Linger where we can't keep the trout off of the hook.  This is truly an experience you don't want to pass up.  Trout fishing with Linger needs to be added to the top of tour bucket list!!! – Mark Booker

  • Rick Lewis

    I am a veteran at Lingers White River Lodge.  It has been my great fortune to have been a customer of Jim Brentlinger at least twice a year since 2005.

    I have had the fortune to have fished from coast to coast, Canada, and several Central and South American venues none of which were any more professional and accommodating.

    Jim's knowledge of the area and habitat are truly amazing.  His lodging and hospitality are absolutely unmatched on the White.

    I have fished with Jim as a single angler and have had as many as 16 in a party.  Regardless of expertise or the number in your party, Jim has the knowledge and resources to make your experience one that will keep you in anticipation of your next visit.


    Rick Lewis

    Firefighter, Retired


  • Dale Miller

    Over the past 20 years I have used many guides on the White and Norfork Rivers. For the last 9 years I have exclusively used Jim Brentlinger and Linger's Guide Service for myself, friends, family and business associates.

    The service, hospitality and accommodations are unequaled and we have consistently caught more and larger trout with Linger.


    Dale Miller

    D-Mil Production, Inc.

  • Richard Cross

    I have lived in the White River and Norfork area off and on since 1972. I have done and still do a lot of trout fishing on these waters. I met Jim Brentlinger in 2006. A mutual friend introduced us and we all met and went fishing. Jim and I have been friends since then.I can tell you that he runs the best guide service/ lodging operation in the area. When you book a trip with Jim, he takes care of everything for you. This includes food, lodging, fishing gear and a professional guide at your service. Jim and the other guides he uses, if you have a larger group, know how to catch fish! They have great respect for the fish and the fishery!But the fishing is just part of the overall experience. If you're staying with him, you're really in for a treat. From his front deck, right next to the hot tub, you have one of the most breathtaking views of the White River anywhere in the state. Pictures don't do it justice.Jim's house/lodge is one of the nicest accommodations you will find anywhere in the country. The atmosphere, along with the great food and hospitality, is truly a treat.I've told him since the day we met that he doesn't charge enough for the experience he delivers!!Richard CrossWhite River Zig Jigs!PS: Be sure you have Jim cook you his famous shore lunch with some of the fresh trout you just caught that morning! It will be a culinary treat you never forget and I guarantee you will have his shore lunch at least one day of every trip you make to our beautiful rivers!!

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Welcome To Linger's Guide Service and Fishing Lodge!

Photograph of Jim Brentlinger


P.O. BOX 364



870-499-5185 HOME (after 5 p.m.)

417-839-0556  CELL

(7 a.m. to 5 p.m. 7 days per week)

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